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Diggler INC is a strategic media, marketing, and retail company.

Below are case studies of some of our clients. The case studies include a description of the client’s request and the solutions that Diggler INC provided and executed for the client. The case studies also include other services Diggler INC. provided its client to fulfill the client request.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys

Client Request: The record company Infared Music Group wants to brand its signature signees the infamous rap group L.E.P. Bogus Boys

Diggler INC. Solution: For over three years Diggler INC. work with Infared Music Group and L.E.P. Boys Bogus to create a variety of unique marketing concepts that included massive promotion and retail campaign Diggler INC. putting the recording artist on broadcast Cable television for over 24 consecutive months combined with strategic retail & marketing.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys is now currently signed to a major record label via a join

Additional Services Provided To Client By Diggler INC.

ConsultationPut artist on cable TV for over 24 consecutive months
Plot Plan StrategiesFilmed multiple webisodes for artist
Record label Leason for social web & blog sitesDVD Authoring for artist Projects
Promotional tour coordinationProvided

Client: Triplett Records

Client Request: The record company wants unique opportunities to brand recording artist on the label. The artists on the record company ranges from contemporary Rhythm & Blues to Hip Hop.

Diggler INC. Solution: Provided branding opportunity for record company including filming several music videos. Diggler INC. distributed the music videos for airing on cable television.

Additional Services Provided To Triplett Records By Diggler INC.

ConsultationFilmed Reality Television Pilot
Plot Plan StrategiesFilmed Commercial for Record Release Party
Photo Shoot for Artist Aired Commercial on Cable television
Model Casting for Music VideosGraphic Design

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